Sunday, May 31, 2009

Party Like It's 1999

Two weekends ago, we headed home to K-town to attend Lee's 10 year class reunion. Yes, he's getting old.

Lee had a good graduating class, with lots of people that he's still friends with. We talked about how we're glad that we both grew up in the same area and went to the same high school. Although we weren't in school at the same time (when Lee was a senior in high school I was in 8th grade - yeah, I know, gross), I know a lot of the folks he graduated with and he knows a lot of people I graduated with. If we had grown up in different places I don't know if we would even go to our class reunions, because it would probably be pretty boring for the other person.

Anyway, I realized a neat little tidbit about us at the reunion -- Lee was vice president of his senior class and I was president of my senior class. We're such the power couple, right? Ha, if only that had transferred over to the real world ;-) As VP, the planners of the reunion asked Lee to say a few words. They gave him about 3 minutes notice. He did pretty good under the pressure though.

One of the cool touches to the reunion was the nametags. They were made out of the senior pictures of everyone in the Class of '99. Of course, there have been some changes in 10 years, but everyone was still recognizable. I think it will be really interesting at a 20 or 25 year reunion to see the changes since senior year.

Here's a pic of Britt and Heith and their senior portrait nametags:

Here's a shot of all of the members of Class of '99 who came to the reunion:

And here's one of just the guys, looking pimp of course:

The night wouldn't have been complete though without a little dancing action...:

And a little karoke:

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