Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick Puppy

We've got a sick puppy. Well, not sick exactly, more like injured. Maybe not injured really. Afflicted. Yes, afflicted. Our sweet puppy is afflicted with hotspots.

Sugar loved the river, but I'm not sure the river loved her. Because now she's developed hotspots. Don't know what a hotspot is? I didn't either. It's when a dog's skin becomes irritated and they bite or scratch at the itchy skin so much that it becomes inflamed and yucky. We don't know exactly what has caused them, but it's likely her being in the water and wet so much, or some type of bug or fly bites or the heat/humidity or some other change in her environment that we haven't put our finger on. 

What we do know is that she's pitiful. She's got four major hotspots, one on either side of her head, the top of her head, and on her front leg. I'll spare you pictures of the actual hotspots, as they're pretty gross. The vet did have to shave all the hair around them though, and it's pretty weird looking. She's on an oral antibiotic, a powder antibiotic, Benadryl and she has to wear one of those cones around her neck. YES, those cones. The ones you thought only dogs in the movies wore. Nope, here's our real-life dog sporting a crazy cone:

Needless to say, she hates it. Our normally bouncing-off-the-walls puppy has become pretty much despondent. She keeps looking at me with this "what have you done to me?" look on her face:

Then she starts scratching it ferociously. We can't tell if she's itching and wants to scratch or is just trying to get that crazy thing off her neck. 

For the most part though, she's milking it. We never give her people food and we decided we needed to give her hotdogs for dinner. We never let her on the porch and Lee slept with her there for 2 hours tonight:

I'm actually glad she has the cone though. Because instead of just being pitiful, the situation is a combination of hilarious and pitiful. And I don't think I could handle just the pitiful part. I need the hilarious in my life.

We'll keep you updated.

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