Monday, August 12, 2013

Ava: 11 Months

 photo 11Months.jpg

Clothing: Still 12m and 18m. Size 3 diapers, but we'll likely go up in the next month or so.

Eating: She's eating just about anything and everything now. No more purees (except for the few left over we're trying to get rid of, and pouches once in a while because pouches = convenient). She's totally on table food at daycare, so it's nice not to have to worry about bringing in purees. Lunch and dinner are usually something like spaghetti, ravioli, turkey meat and bread, or diced chicken, and of course fruits and veggies. I can't really tell you what her favorites are because she has the same reaction to everything we put in front of her = she eats it with gusto. She also gets a morning and afternoon snack at daycare which is usually some type of cracker. 

Still drinking the same amount of formula, although we've just transitioned to all sippy cups for daytime bottles and she's doing great with that. She still gets bottles in the morning and at bedtime, and I'm perfectly fine with that for now. For some reason, the first day I started sending sippys to daycare instead of bottles seemed like a really big deal?! I usually don't get too freaked out about transitions, but this one seemed to signal "big girl" more than the others to me. I'm definitely enjoying having less bottles to wash each night though. 

Sleep: Still doing good. Usually sleeps from 7pm to 6:30am. One or two naps at daycare and two naps when she's home with us on the weekends. 

Milestones: This month was a big one for Ava. She started crawling (!), is pulling up consistently now, and finally got her first tooth! It seemed like she went from immobile to crawling/pulling up/into everything in about two weeks. No cruising yet, so I think we've still got a few months before walking, but she's definitely getting more comfortable on her feet and has started "walking" while holding onto our fingers a bit. She also got her first "incident report" at daycare. She got tripped up while crawling, hit her head on the floor and had a little bruise on her forehead. 

She started clapping while we were on vacation, but still doesn't do it a lot -- she much prefers to wave. She blows raspberries on us now instead of the other way around and gives big sloppy open-mouthed kisses. The other night I was bathing her and she paused, looked at me and leaned it for a kiss -- so sweet! And I guess we should count "uh oh" as her first word? She says it ALL the time, and in perfect context. Except now she'll be sitting in the highchair and will hold out her cup/spoon/cracker, say "uh oh" and THEN drop it on the floor. The little stinker. 

Activity: Her number one activity right now is getting into anything and everything -- rolls of toilet paper, trash cans, drawers, cords, door stopper springs, tearing all the books off the shelf, you name it. She'll actually tolerate her jumperoo again these days because she can JUMP in it like a madwoman. We discovered after several harried long car trips that she's mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba. (She used to be a champ at riding in the car because she'd just sleep. Now if it's not time for her to take a nap, she just whines/cries the whole time.) She watches little to no television but after an hour of screaming in the car I pulled up a Yo Gabba video on YouTube and instant silence. Win! Adding that to my arsenal for desperate times. 

A montage of standing "firsts"...

In the crib...

 photo D8FD9882-D7A6-4560-BB80-FE320380D838-25002-00000B363AF7D610.jpg

At the toy box...

 photo 298E955A-D053-4C79-A9E3-ADD60F25ADC5-25002-00000B36180E583A.jpg

In the tub...

 photo 57B98BB5-F54E-455F-9E90-848DBD12642F-25002-00000B362EF1E824.jpg

Outside of the tub...

 photo AC2D6EF0-EE6D-40CF-B537-FA0392DEA82A-25002-00000B3621197B4D.jpg

Can't leave the trash can sitting out anymore:

 photo B073BB89-1C1A-48F0-B233-071B299C6A96-25002-00000B358079EA65-1.jpg

Or the door to the toilet open:

 photo 952A47FA-4B86-46BD-B0D0-6E2679DC3EDE-25002-00000B364BD41F2D.jpg

A visit with Easton, Brevyn and Jack:

 photo 47D3B2F1-276D-47E8-818F-CABA0AF1F626-25002-00000B365B92AC39.jpg

Morning naptime:

 photo 0335C54A-EAC4-440B-92B7-5E47E784C83A-25002-00000B366508E9AA.jpg

Granny pulled an old Snuggles bear out of storage:

 photo 82008362-3F15-4A8D-A16D-7897F5A424AD-25002-00000B367006CC62.jpg

Reading "Honk If You Like Purple" on the way to La Grange:

 photo 494819DE-63A4-4A7C-B320-6AE8FFBF8A18-25002-00000B367B1F9695.jpg

Into everything:

 photo EBEDD2DB-04B9-4A9B-B8D8-2E6AA9861780-25002-00000B37446CC192.jpg

Turban baby:

 photo 5864F1CF-FF23-4035-AC11-6B5B250A5AE8-25002-00000B37502C4527.jpg

Happy to be at daycare:

 photo DB5B5A85-B1E3-4158-BDFF-AB71886210E1-25002-00000B3759869814.jpg

Get it gurlllllll:

 photo 5CC1BCBD-ECD3-4D7E-B8BA-09DE4CD880DB-25002-00000B3765C0E118.jpg

Hold me!

 photo 876F0D45-2140-43A1-A55C-D1D9A3BBD52A-25002-00000B377227A8BE.jpg

Calling to Sugar:

 photo 243D4FB2-88B5-4DC9-8353-B15C6D3576E3-25002-00000B377D3DBB73.jpg

"See, she came to see me."

 photo 9CD01099-5397-4C1A-861A-FC5CA7980ABE-25002-00000B3782AEC854.jpg

Reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See" (our favorite):

 photo A4C79304-0A82-4727-BB4A-9AD5747A57A5-25002-00000B378A8E3924.jpg

And proof that she can crawl (this video displays Ava's "pimp crawl" which she alternates about 50/50 with regular crawling):

Ava, you've really blossomed this month, and it's so fun to see you learn something new every day. I cannot believe you'll be the big O-N-E in just a few short weeks! We love you so so very much.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oak Island Vacation

We went on vacation a few weeks ago with my family to Oak Island. Here's our trip in pictures.

Our home for the week:

 photo B6586E6B-BE75-4DE8-BB9D-7E643FC7A316-20072-000008F21F52FA34.jpg

 photo DSC_0016_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_1053_edited.jpg

 photo 40A8C3B5-F4EA-4C76-9362-EE315F114DE2-20072-000008F287BB72CB.jpg

 photo 1699622E-E00F-48A9-BD68-8D415223E05C-20072-000008F086BBE97E.jpg

 photo 4D6BA819-C72C-4C5A-9DAA-C25CF16C81F1-20072-000008F07E7DE8C8.jpg

 photo 10953D74-4E9F-48B7-B319-4C62D39AF0B5-20072-000008EFCD970BF1.jpg

Out for dinner one night. "You have a baby, in (on) a bar!" [name that movie]:

 photo 184C6E2B-F076-4EF2-A044-75B57347ED3F-20072-000008EF998A3FB1.jpg

I'm always tempting her with delicious cocktails:

 photo A2A4B27F-1110-41DA-A759-AB75E6602305-20072-000008EFA47EE06B.jpg

 photo 1DE6FC33-8510-4101-B69D-87F653B6EF1C-20072-000008EFB1E88971.jpg

 photo A587B75D-D5E6-4D3A-BA75-56CFBF8F96CF-20072-000008EFBCBC4E27.jpg

 photo DSC_1045_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_1041_edited.jpg

 photo A0020D46-384E-4D32-AF0D-47D3265931F2-20072-000008EEF664170B.jpg

 photo D13EAAA9-05FA-4BB0-8045-23568866CC16-20072-000008EEEB2666F9.jpg

My mom and dad got up with Ava almost every morning. So nice! Quality time with Grampa in the morning:

 photo B9015D4D-1FC3-408B-8C9D-F88B2BB89C5D-20072-000008EF05927DC9.jpg

 photo B3E2EE05-0B1C-4708-9CB0-B0B63887C539-20072-000008EF1288A621.jpg

Ferry ride to the aquarium in Fort Fisher:

 photo DSC_0237_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0239_edited-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0244_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0262_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0259_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0265_edited.jpg

 photo E382FD4E-EBA7-4362-A533-2B3A3F29ADE5-20072-000008F28EB32D7F.jpg

 photo DSC_0263.jpg

 photo DSC_0273_edited.jpg

 photo E7C228F3-4739-4117-B96E-A4001E8AD592-20072-000008F23EE5CFB3.jpg

 photo DSC_0285_edited.jpg

 photo C20D5DC2-3D46-4279-8C06-87C25F0ECA78-20072-000008F25901D306.jpg

 photo 340ACCB3-70D0-4857-AEC4-B48311C89DB3-20072-000008F24AE2430F.jpg

The aquarium is hard work!

 photo 48600A62-49B8-443A-99E8-C0038E5948CA-20072-000008F295D4EBB0.jpg

It's been a long time since I've done a puzzle. It was fun!

 photo 1BF04F52-9428-4C3F-AD72-06F0FF000D4D-20072-000008F23142203F.jpg

Peeping under the safety gate:

 photo A8E87A20-9A2E-4B01-9DE4-0C3AF84AF521-20072-000008F22717A709.jpg

And over the banister:

 photo 8873117A-0B85-470D-871D-E77D12A59AEF-20072-000008F2630820D8.jpg


 photo FF4DE690-781B-47FE-A27C-52306FFE8415-20072-000008F26BA99C6D.jpg

Sunset on the pier with sister:

 photo 152957FB-FC9B-46C9-865F-6485129F82DD-20072-000008F27D33A30C.jpg

 photo 83412B9B-2B60-44B7-BCC8-356C9F4604E0-20072-000008F0A6F0527E.jpg

 photo F6E33E7F-A82B-4F41-A77C-9C9E2FEA0F73-20072-000008F0B2011495.jpg

 photo 572B11EE-3EFD-4820-8506-FAA887A2817C-20072-000008F274DD9303.jpg

The family that reads/rocks on the porch together stays together:

 photo 0BFE4D4B-45AA-4135-9995-323D671D7219-20072-000008F0941F13CD.jpg

And of course no beach trip is complete without a mini-photo session.

 photo DSC_0047_edited-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0164_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0172_edited.jpg

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