Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Family Photo Shoot

Shortly after Ava turned one, we had a photo shoot done with Sally Salerno Photography. I love how they turned out (even though she's already changed so much since these were taken!).

 photo DSC_1958.jpg

 photo DSC_1985.jpg

 photo DSC_1991.jpg

 photo DSC_2022.jpg

 photo DSC_2079.jpg

 photo DSC_2030.jpg

 photo DSC_2033bw.jpg

 photo DSC_2182.jpg

 photo DSC_2221.jpg

 photo DSC_2254.jpg

 photo DSC_2319.jpg

 photo DSC_2308bw.jpg

 photo DSC_2314.jpg

 photo DSC_2352.jpg

 photo DSC_2391.jpg

 photo DSC_2366.jpg

 photo DSC_2405.jpg

 photo DSC_2413.jpg

 photo DSC_2422bw.jpg

I've been super slack about getting pictures actually printed and hung in our house, so I'm determined to get some of these framed and put up. And I purchased a Groupon a while back for a canvas print, so I'm going to get that done of the wagon shot (my favorite!) to hang above our mantle.

And because someone usually asks, here are the sources for Ava's outfits:

Pants & Top: Cherokee brand from Target (link to jeggings)
Hairband: Baby Birdie Boutique (I sent her a pic of the Target outfit and she made it custom to match, I highly recommend her!)
Denim monogrammed dress: Rags Land
Aqua ruffles outfit and pearls: from photographer
Sand dollar bishop dress: Southern Tots

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October: Pumpkin Patch, State Fair, and Halloween

We had an awesome October that started with a trip to the pumpkin patch, included a few trips home, an anniversary trip to Asheville for Lee and I, and a visit to the State Fair, and ended with a really fun Halloween. And somewhere in there, Ava started walking, so I'd call it a pretty successful month.

First up, the pumpkin patch. We went to Green Acres farm in Cary and even though the weather was more like summer than fall we had a good time.

Ava got to pet a rabbit:

 photo DSC_0360_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0363-1.jpg

And swing:

 photo DSC_0366_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0385_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0386_edited.jpg

And go on a hay ride:

 photo DSC_0395-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0398.jpg

 photo DSC_0404_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0414_edited-1.jpg

And see cows and goats:

 photo DSC_0423_edited-1.jpg

And of course, pick out pumpkins:

 photo DSC_0452_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0465_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0455_edited.jpg

A few weekends later we hit up the State Fair.

There were delicious cookies:

 photo 621CD9BE-E3E3-4001-9939-92680B6E88DF-5124-000005BDB57D1861_zpsf0bbf00d.jpg

And huge pumpkins:

 photo CF1359CA-6CC8-48DC-8DAA-361FE81F6288-5124-000005BDC3527DBE_zpsc736b70a.jpg

And baby calves nursing:

 photo 199733F8-4E0F-4E67-B7E2-9120CDDF5ED1-5124-000005BDCF18B864_zps2609043c.jpg

And cute children showing ewes:

 photo A727E5C6-FEB6-4732-ADE1-FD93BC8A2C92-5124-000005BDDE9CC5A0_zpsd8d9b46a.jpg

And those Click It or Ticket things from when I was a kid:

 photo DDF84C1C-FF8F-4F57-B77F-880E56699DB7-5124-000005BDF197E3AC_zps822cba30.jpg

And watching the Agricadabra magic show from daddy's shoulders:

 photo 334CD356-514D-42B4-A849-7D9F291224A0-5124-000005BDFB0AD8AE_zpsd9fa0d5b.jpg

And fair naps:

 photo 5CFE22F1-B0F9-40D4-916E-4565A2DB177E-5124-000005BE0FD80043_zps362aeb7e.jpg

While mama and dada ate ribbon fries!

 photo 5A16B56B-146A-49A9-A7B2-E811ACE919C0-5124-000005BE1AF98278_zps24696ec8.jpg

We also got Ava's silhouette hand-cut in the Village of Yesteryear:

 photo B6E68C3F-B9D6-4C2D-89CC-2A89AE62F947-5124-000005BE41AB028E_zpsd952b3fb.jpg

Ava said "moo" to all of the cows, and all-in-all it was a pretty awesome day.

And of course, the cherry on top of October was Halloween. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the cutest pig in America:

 photo DSC_0504_edited-3.jpg

 photo DSC_0508_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0510_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0521_edited-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0526_edited2.jpg

 photo DSC_0541_edited.jpg

She even learned the sound effects to go with her costume.

Ava's daycare had a Halloween parade that was fairly adorable.

 photo DSC_0556_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0560-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0566_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0571_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0584_edited.jpg

 photo photo_edited.jpg

Then we went trick or treating with our neighbors.

 photo 59026537-783F-4A0F-B44E-1AFE738B5A79-5213-000005C7DCC95A99_zps818ddd18.jpg

 photo 7F539394-C932-47BE-B926-DFC053F52C8B-5213-000005C85674B279_zps955fc8dd.jpg

 photo 76DFAA2B-7BB2-4F8B-9A43-1BA959AAD16C-5213-000005C85E13A2C5_zps6033a6df.jpg

She was so happy to sit in her wagon and clutch her pieces of candy:

 photo E836198F-AF7F-4062-B47F-82C4D8A114BD-5213-000005C866D970B0_zps56a1a56f.jpg

It was such a fun night (and month). Ava's at a really fun age right now and we're enjoying getting to see her personality blossom and seeing her learn and show off something new every day. I can't wait to see what she's like at Christmas :)
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