Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October: Pumpkin Patch, State Fair, and Halloween

We had an awesome October that started with a trip to the pumpkin patch, included a few trips home, an anniversary trip to Asheville for Lee and I, and a visit to the State Fair, and ended with a really fun Halloween. And somewhere in there, Ava started walking, so I'd call it a pretty successful month.

First up, the pumpkin patch. We went to Green Acres farm in Cary and even though the weather was more like summer than fall we had a good time.

Ava got to pet a rabbit:

 photo DSC_0360_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0363-1.jpg

And swing:

 photo DSC_0366_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0385_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0386_edited.jpg

And go on a hay ride:

 photo DSC_0395-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0398.jpg

 photo DSC_0404_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0414_edited-1.jpg

And see cows and goats:

 photo DSC_0423_edited-1.jpg

And of course, pick out pumpkins:

 photo DSC_0452_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0465_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0455_edited.jpg

A few weekends later we hit up the State Fair.

There were delicious cookies:

 photo 621CD9BE-E3E3-4001-9939-92680B6E88DF-5124-000005BDB57D1861_zpsf0bbf00d.jpg

And huge pumpkins:

 photo CF1359CA-6CC8-48DC-8DAA-361FE81F6288-5124-000005BDC3527DBE_zpsc736b70a.jpg

And baby calves nursing:

 photo 199733F8-4E0F-4E67-B7E2-9120CDDF5ED1-5124-000005BDCF18B864_zps2609043c.jpg

And cute children showing ewes:

 photo A727E5C6-FEB6-4732-ADE1-FD93BC8A2C92-5124-000005BDDE9CC5A0_zpsd8d9b46a.jpg

And those Click It or Ticket things from when I was a kid:

 photo DDF84C1C-FF8F-4F57-B77F-880E56699DB7-5124-000005BDF197E3AC_zps822cba30.jpg

And watching the Agricadabra magic show from daddy's shoulders:

 photo 334CD356-514D-42B4-A849-7D9F291224A0-5124-000005BDFB0AD8AE_zpsd9fa0d5b.jpg

And fair naps:

 photo 5CFE22F1-B0F9-40D4-916E-4565A2DB177E-5124-000005BE0FD80043_zps362aeb7e.jpg

While mama and dada ate ribbon fries!

 photo 5A16B56B-146A-49A9-A7B2-E811ACE919C0-5124-000005BE1AF98278_zps24696ec8.jpg

We also got Ava's silhouette hand-cut in the Village of Yesteryear:

 photo B6E68C3F-B9D6-4C2D-89CC-2A89AE62F947-5124-000005BE41AB028E_zpsd952b3fb.jpg

Ava said "moo" to all of the cows, and all-in-all it was a pretty awesome day.

And of course, the cherry on top of October was Halloween. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the cutest pig in America:

 photo DSC_0504_edited-3.jpg

 photo DSC_0508_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0510_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0521_edited-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0526_edited2.jpg

 photo DSC_0541_edited.jpg

She even learned the sound effects to go with her costume.

Ava's daycare had a Halloween parade that was fairly adorable.

 photo DSC_0556_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0560-2.jpg

 photo DSC_0566_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0571_edited-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0584_edited.jpg

 photo photo_edited.jpg

Then we went trick or treating with our neighbors.

 photo 59026537-783F-4A0F-B44E-1AFE738B5A79-5213-000005C7DCC95A99_zps818ddd18.jpg

 photo 7F539394-C932-47BE-B926-DFC053F52C8B-5213-000005C85674B279_zps955fc8dd.jpg

 photo 76DFAA2B-7BB2-4F8B-9A43-1BA959AAD16C-5213-000005C85E13A2C5_zps6033a6df.jpg

She was so happy to sit in her wagon and clutch her pieces of candy:

 photo E836198F-AF7F-4062-B47F-82C4D8A114BD-5213-000005C866D970B0_zps56a1a56f.jpg

It was such a fun night (and month). Ava's at a really fun age right now and we're enjoying getting to see her personality blossom and seeing her learn and show off something new every day. I can't wait to see what she's like at Christmas :)

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