Thursday, September 20, 2012



Ava Pearce Wade
Born Friday, September 7th at 2:50am
8 lbs even, 20 inches

I'm so sorry it has taken me almost two weeks to get this post up. But y'all? This motherhood thing is no joke. Time for taking, uploading and sorting pictures and blogging is pretty much nonexistent. But I'll try, I promise.

It will be a while before I'm ready to get my thoughts together to share her birth story, but just know for now that everything went really well and I'm so proud of all of us (me, Lee and Ava). We did great!

These first two weeks have not been easy for us, but I'll get into those details later. 

For now, just know that we are completely and absolutely in love. She's just perfect and is already the apple of her daddy's eye. We can't stop staring at her and marveling at the fact that she's ours.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

40 Weeks: Letter to Ava


Sweet Ava,

It's officially your due date, but instead of a 40 week post where I complain about how swollen my feet are or how impatient I'm getting that you're not here yet, I decided to take this opportunity to write you a little note and tell you how wanted you are and how loved you are already.

You see, towards the end of last year your dad and I decided that we wanted a baby. We were finally ready. And once I got ready, I was really ready. Impatiently so. One night back in December, I was sad and filled with longing for a baby. It just so happened that on that night the sky was filled with shooting stars. I sat out in the cold winter's night, just waiting for more stars, so I could make more wishes.

Seven shooting stars in all, and I wished for you on every single one.

And in due time, God granted those wishes. And now here I sit with a big belly, just days (hours?) away from the moment we get to see your sweet face. Don't keep us waiting too much longer, ok?

Your Mama
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