Tuesday, September 4, 2012

40 Weeks: Letter to Ava


Sweet Ava,

It's officially your due date, but instead of a 40 week post where I complain about how swollen my feet are or how impatient I'm getting that you're not here yet, I decided to take this opportunity to write you a little note and tell you how wanted you are and how loved you are already.

You see, towards the end of last year your dad and I decided that we wanted a baby. We were finally ready. And once I got ready, I was really ready. Impatiently so. One night back in December, I was sad and filled with longing for a baby. It just so happened that on that night the sky was filled with shooting stars. I sat out in the cold winter's night, just waiting for more stars, so I could make more wishes.

Seven shooting stars in all, and I wished for you on every single one.

And in due time, God granted those wishes. And now here I sit with a big belly, just days (hours?) away from the moment we get to see your sweet face. Don't keep us waiting too much longer, ok?

Your Mama

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