Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Potluck Throwdown

We have a wonderful tradition in the Interactive Department at McKinney - the potluck. Seriously, we rock at having potlucks. Our team is full of great cooks, and the not-so-great cooks buy yummy things from the grocery store.

But you see, all the other departments starting getting jealous. As they should. Some tried to hold their own potlucks with varying degrees of success. Then the creative department had an Iron Chef themed potluck, with the secret ingredients being cheese and chocolate. They got confident and issued a challenge to all the other departments. Being the potluck gurus that we are, the Interactive team was the first to take them on. 

And let me tell you, we came with our game faces on. The secret ingredient? Lemon.

The judging criteria was as follows: 85% taste, 15% presentation. I didn't have a great lemon recipe, so I decided to put myself in charge of presentation: name tags, lemon/lime decor, pretty flowers from Trader Joe's, and more. Here are some pics of the spread:

Yummy desserts: 

And here are the judges, hard at work. They were "required" to taste all of the beverages too, two of them being Corona and Firefly Iced Tea Vodka Lemonade. They had it tough.

It was a clean sweep. Every one of the awards went to Interactive dishes. My favorite? Beth's lemon shrimp dip, which tied for first place. Super yummy. Kristin's lemon spaghetti was also a hit. Best dessert was Carmen's lemon poundcake with Chambord glaze:

I also loved Ben's fresh watermelon lemonade. Mmmmm. Great summer drink. He tried to keep the recipe top secret, but I'm pretty sure this is it.

Our next challengers? Account management. They're mighty brave to take us on while we're at the top of our game. Bring it!

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