Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bachelorette Bar Golf

I had a big weekend last weekend, with Chrissy's bachelorette party on Friday night and Lee's 10 year class reunion on Saturday night. That's why I'm just getting around to posting. On Tuesday. Because I've been catching up on some much-needed sleep. I'll admit it. I ain't what I used to be.

First things first, Chrissy's bachelorette bar golf night in Chapel Hill. As MOH (maid of honor, for those of you not in the wedding-lingo know), Sara put together the outing and it was definitely a hit. Bar golf is a GREAT idea for a bachelorette party, because everything is organized, everyone knows exactly where you're going and when, what drinks to order, and who is buying the bride's drink. And the best part is that you get to dress up and look goofy (therefore calling attention to the group as a bachelorette party) without having to wear penis regalia and feather boas. Here's a shot of the bride and bridesmaids before making our way to Franklin Street:

Of course, we did outfit Chrissy with a golf visor with veil attached and a set of Little Tikes golf clubs.
Sara, Emily and I had gotten together earlier in the week to prepare the scorecards. Each was complete with matching ribbon and mini-Sharpie marker. We planned 9 "holes" of golf and on the scorecard spelled out each hole/bar, the lead golfer (responsible for buying Chrissy's drink or finding someone to buy it for her AND giving her a dare), and the Eagle, Birdie, Par, and Bogey drinks. The Eagle drink was a signature drink from that bar or a classic drink/shot. At each hole, birdie was a well drink, par was a beer, and bogey was water or no drink. Here's a shot of the whole gang at our first hole:

We had an awesome time bouncing from bar to bar and causing a scene everywhere we went. Chrissy was such a trooper, taking the eagle drink or shot at each of the 9 holes and completing all of her hilarious and somewhat embarrassing dares.
We also added in food holes, because no trip to Franklin Street is complete without a trip to Cosmic Cantina or Time Out. We managed to hit up both. Here's us being silly in Time Out:

And finally, Chrissy and I slowly making our way back to the car after a great night. (Don't worry, we definitely had a sober driver!)


  1. what was your bar golf route? what bars in what order and what drinks?

  2. What are you wearing around your neck? i am planning bar golf in SAn Fran.

  3. Thanks for your questions. Be sure to read my follow up post here: http://wadeupdate.blogspot.com/2009/07/bachelorette-bar-golf-follow-up.html


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