Monday, May 25, 2009

I've Been Slack

I'm sure that my recent rate of one blog post per week has been terribly disappointing to my five loyal readers. To you, I apologize. I will try to do better this week, as I have lots of things to share since I've been so slack lately. 

I am too exhausted tonight after a long weekend of fun and sun down in Beaufort for a coherent blog post, but I leave you with this quick video from our trip to Shackleford Island:

I hope you were paying close attention, because this action-packed 37 second clip contained  the following:
  • Wild horses of Shackleford galloping down the beach
  • My darling puppy acting like a maniac, quickly followed by the reason she was acting that way...
  • The fantastic stylings of our nephew Brett
  • My husband, victim of aerosol sunscreen gone bad (notice the stripes on his belly, which I will admit were totally my fault as I was his sunscreen applier the day before)
  • Him calling me Isaac and yelling at me to put the camera down
More to come. I know you're excited.


  1. That has to be the greatest depiction of a redneck weekend ever. A fat, sunburned man yelling at a kid, a dog, and his wife. Welcome to summer.

  2. That is hilarious...Lee calling you Isaac! I am so tickled right now!


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