Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dog Days of Spring

We just got back from a wonderful weekend at the river.

Before heading down on Friday night, we stopped in LaGrange for our niece's dance recital. The recital was very well done, the dancers put on a great show, and Leah did a wonderful job. Congrats Leah!

As usual, the river was wonderfully relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered. The weather was great and there was no shortage of good food.

It was Sugar's first trip to the river, and she had a ball. She was the first one into the water Saturday morning and we got to see her swimming skills for the first time.

She LOVES hanging out with Maddie (my parents' dog), although I'm not sure Maddie is quite as happy to see Sugar. Sugar pretty much jumps all over her the whole time and follows her around like a lost puppy .... ohhhh, wait. But Maddie is always patient with
Sugar and showed her the ropes of the river.

Sugar watching Maddie and Astro (the neighbor's dog) fetch:

Too cute:

She belongs at the river:

Pretty ducks:

Lee tried to ruin it by getting Astro to attack them. He was more interested in the tennis ball than the ducks though.

Dirty, dirty doggies:

Worn out. After playing hard all day on Saturday, they did nothing but lay around on Sunday.

When we got home, Sugar told me she missed her new doggie friends and couldn't wait to go back to the river.

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