Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend down in Beaufort. On Saturday we went to our normal hangout -- Shell Island. It's close to the house and we normally have the island pretty much to ourselves. 

On Sunday we decided to go to Shackelford Island and grill hotdogs. The ride getting there is a little rough and there's usually a lot more people. Memorial Day Sunday was no exception -- it was PACKED. We found a "parking spot" and anchored just fine, but other boats kept trying to squeeze in near us and there were several almost-collisions. We had to keep Sugar on the leash the whole time, which she did NOT appreciate. We had a good time on Shack, but we all agreed that we'd stick to Shell Island next time.

I took a million pictures, mostly of Sugar, Brett or Sugar and Brett together. I guess they're just the most photogenic, or at least the most active. Here goes:

We saw lots of the Shackelford Banks ponies. Brett and Leah were able to get pretty close for a pic:

This is probably one of my all time favorite pictures:

Back at the house, Lee was sitting down to rest. Brett promptly went and got his bucket, so he could have a stool to recline like Lee. So cute.

Lee and Sugar headed out on the boat. 

And cruisin' back in:

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