Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update

So I realized I haven't posted an update on the garden since we planted it back in April. Remember that it looked like this?

Well, what a difference a few weeks can make. Now it looks something like this:

(I'm not sure which is growing faster, the plants or the dog.) Anyway, as you can see, the tomato plants are totally taking over. What you can't see though, in the back, is the squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers that are all thriving. We also had a ton of cilantro. It was great while it lasted but doesn't really like the warm weather. We made some amazing cilantro dip and black bean salad while it was around though. We've also got a TON of basil. I just made a big batch of pesto tonight that we ate with pasta. YUM.

Anddd, we had salad with cucumbers and grape tomatoes fresh out of our garden. We're about to have more grape tomatoes than we could ever know what to do with. And that's not even taking the regular sized tomatoes into account, which will start getting red and ripe any day now.

Yummy grape tomatoes, in various stages of ripeness:

Bell pepper just about ready to be picked (don't you like how I took these pics right after we watered the garden, so everything looks all fresh and dewey?):

And jalapenos:

Squash (some of our squash unfortunately had root rot, but there's still plenty):

Still-green regular tomatoes:

Something that shouldn't be in our garden though? This thing:

We found out that it's a tomato hornworm (see its little red horn?). We found three of these on our tomato plants when we got home from the beach last weekend. Evidently, they can pretty much pulverize tomato plants in a short span of time. Luckily though, all you have to do is keep an eye out for them (they're kind of hard to miss with those white dots) and just kill them or remove them from your plants. Crisis averted.

P.S. Those white things on its back? I thought maybe they were babies. Nope. They're parasites. Little parasites that will turn into moths and eventually eat away at the hornworm. Ewwwwww. GROSS.

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  1. Hook me up with some tomatoes, peppers, and squash :) Looks great!


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