Thursday, June 4, 2009

Universe, I Need Your Help

I want to go on a trip. I mean I REALLY REALLY want to go on a trip. And I don't mean a trip to New York or California or even the Caribbean or Mexico (although all of those would be nice). I mean I want to go on a FABULOUS trip. Like the kind where you tell people where you're going and they go "Ohhhhhhh" and are silently thinking, "Man, she is so worldly and cultured and lucky. I sure am jealous."

The only time I have ever been out of the country is on our honeymoon to Mexico. This, my friends, I feel is the single greatest failure of my life thus far. Not the trip to Mexico, it was amazing. It was heaven on earth. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Lee and I get a little giddy when we use the travel shampoo we have leftover from Excellence resort. We take a big whiff and long to be back on the beach with Miguel saying "Would you like another margarita, senor?" Ahhhhh...

But back to my point. My lack of international travel is somewhat depressing to me. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe and came this close in high school. And then 9/11 happened and our country declared war and our school system wasn't about to let a group of 17 & 18 year olds fly half way around the world in the midst of all that chaos. So no Europe for me yet.

I still want to do a London/Paris trip one day and do all of the classic touristy things, but for now I'm thinking Greece...or Italy...or New Zealand...or Australia. Lee loves to travel as much as I do, and Australia is his top pick, but as the practical half of our duo, he's a very tough sell. What I'm trying to convince him is that yes, there are other things we could (and probably should) spend money on. Like paying down debt. Or finishing furnishing our home. Or saving for (gasp!) a baby. But there will ALWAYS be other things we could spend our money on. And those things will be waiting for us when we get back home. If we don't do this now, WE WILL NEVER DO IT.

Oprah told me that if you want something you have to visualize it and say it out loud and believe that it will happen. And you know what Oprah says is true. So, universe, I just thought that I'd put this wish out there and let you do your thing. I'll even pretend to believe in The Secret if it will help get me on a plane faster. I'm married to the most practical person on earth, so I need your help BIG TIME. Please and thank you.


  1. Lee, this is Hailey. You must take your wonderful wife on a trip... ike a fabulous trip. You must do it now before you have babies. Once babies come, it is difficult to leave them. Do it now. I mean it.

  2. Correction - you have been to Mexico twice. Once on your honeymoon and once on that fabulous Spring Break cruise we took in 2007. Just a reminder :)


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