Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Chandy

Remember when I showed you our dining room, but said it wouldn't quite be complete until I replaced the non-matching chandelier?

Well we finally got around to it.

I was really coveting the Restoration Hardware chandelier, and it did eventually go really really on sale, but it was still over $300, and once I saw it in person I wasn't sure that the crystal arms were really what I was looking for.

We settled on this guy from Lowe's:


Even though it was a special order item, it was REALLY affordable. As in $130. I was able to sell our old chandelier (which is still selling at Lowe's for $175) for $90 on Craigslist, so I basically upgraded our chandelier for 40 bucks. Not bad at all.



Lee absolutely hates this chandelier. Not sure why, but I'm really happy with it. And we all know that's all that matters.

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