Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Tis the Season

Have you seen the Acura "Season of Reason" commercials this year? Most of them are over-the-top, but when Lee and I saw this one the other night we just stopped and looked at each other. Lee said, "That is totally you." So, I give you...stocking lady:

One example of my OCD-ness: our entire mantel and fireplace is decorated in white and silver -- white poinsettias, white quilted stockings, silver stocking holders and candlesticks, white and silver ball ornaments. Mine and Lee's stockings have our name embroidered on them (in silver thread). I bought Sugar a stocking to match ours but instead of getting her name embroidered I bought a silver ornament from Pottery Barn that's shaped like a dog house that has her picture in it and her name engraved on it. I hung it on her stocking.

The problem? It came with red ribbon. I hung it with the red ribbon as it came but for three days it kept bugging the crap out of me. One shock of red in all of that white and silver. It just stuck out like a sore thumb (to me). So I did what any OCD-Martha-worshipper would have done: I dug through my craft box and found some silver ribbon and replaced the red with silver. It made me feel much better. I showed it to Lee saying "Now doesn't that look better?!" Of course he had no idea what the difference was and when I explained it he threatened to commit me. Oh well. That silver ribbon sure makes me happy.

After all, those stockings aren't for the kids, they're for the holidays.

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  1. Minus the fact that I don't have a mantle, I am just as OCD regarding my house & decorations!! My snowman had been turned a couple inches last night and while I thought about asking Joseph what happened, I immediately turned him back the way he should be. It took me a few minutes to decide how to ask, but I then realized if I asked him he would think I was crazy therefore I stayed silent. But Mr. Snowman is back in his place :)


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