Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I'm Lovin'

Just wanted to share some things I'm in love with right now.

1. Our blender

We registered for and received this Oster Beehive blender as a wedding gift from our dear friend Rick. We just used it for this first time last weekend and I was blown away by it. Yes, it's a shame that we got married in October and are just now using the blender, but winter just isn't a big blending time for us, so making daiquiris on the first warm weekend of the year was our first experience with the Oster Beehive. Now, we normally would not spend this much money on a blender. It's not something that we use all the time (obviously) and we've always gotten by with one of the $20 cheapo plastic models. But registering for gifts is the time to say 'what the hell? i'm not buying this, let's go for the nice one.' It had great reviews, and now I can see why. This thing is amazing. The blades are SUPER sharp, the motor is way powerful and the glass jar and chrome body are both pretty and durable. It made the smoothest daiquiris ever in about 0.2 seconds. No need to open the jar midway and stir so the ice would get down to the bottom. We've already made milkshakes (delicious!) and I'm sure the Beehive will be getting lots of use from us over the coming Spring and Summer months. Thanks Rick!!

2. AAA

I've never had a triple-A membership before, but when we got an offer in the mail to get a membership for $19.99/year I figured we should go for it. If I get a flat tire, need a jump, or lock my keys in the car even once over the year then it's worth it. However, I didn't even need to have car trouble to get my money's worth. Ever the bargain hunter, I paid close attention to all the discounts you get with AAA. The standout discount - 10% off at The discount doesn't apply in the stores (how cool would THAT be?!) but it's still a nice deal. I bought these end tables for our living room and for two of them I saved $20 with my 10% off, therefore already breaking even. So any more I save with retailer or travel discounts, not to mention car trouble, will be icing on the cake.

3. Reese's Eggs

I have been obsessed with Reese's Eggs this Easter. They are my downfall. They've officially replaced Cadbury Creme Eggs as my favorite Easter candy. I'm actually relieved that Easter is over so that Reese's Eggs will no longer be around and I can regain some control in my life.

4. Anoop

I was so excited when I heard that Anoop Desai from UNC had tried out for American Idol and made it through to Hollywood. I loved Anoop when he was a Clefhanger at UNC and knew he'd do well on the show. I swore if he didn't make it through to the Top 12 I wasn't watching AI this year. Although he's had good nights and bad nights, and might very well be one of the next to go, I still love him and think he's swell.

5. $0 Prescriptions

I know it's weird to say this about an insurance company, but I'm really digging Blue Cross Blue Shield right now. That's because the last two times I've been to the pharmacy, my prescriptions have been no charge. ZERO. In January I picked up a 3 month supply of a generic prescription and it rang up as zero dollars. I asked the pharmacy lady what in the world was going on and she said BCBS had a promotion for the month of January where generics were free. My cost for generic precriptions is only $5 anyway, but for 3 months that's $15 saved -- not bad. When I went back last week I assumed the deal was over. Nope -- I got another 3 month supply and a 1 month supply of a different generic med and everything rang up as no charge. SWEET! However, I get my prescriptions filled at Target so I still ended up spending $36 on sunscreen, this Pledge pet hair fabric sweeper (for which I had a $1 off coupon) and this pillow. Yep, they got me. I always end up finding stuff to buy while waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. They sucked me in though with their cute bottle design and clever color-coding.

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