Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IKEA, You KEA, We All KEA for IKEA!

So Friday was the day ... after months of longing I finally made it to IKEA. Since I first heard that IKEA was coming to Charlotte, I've been counting down the days until I could make it there. 

We normally do our girls' shopping trip to Charlotte in November, but with the wedding in October and other craziness, we decided to postpone until Spring. That turned out to be a great decision -- the weather was great, IKEA was finally open, and I got to focus ONLY ON ME without the pressure of having to find Christmas gifts.

I was so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the IKEA showroom that I totally failed at taking pictures. Suffice it to say, it was a feast for the senses. Here's one pic I got down in the marketplace of a piece of bathroom furniture I want to buy:

And here's one of my sister thinking "Can we get out of here now? Why is she so fascinated with this place?"

Here's a pic of Britt while we were packing the car:

A quick rundown of what I snagged: 
1. This vase was my favorite purchase. I got the gray one. It was just what we needed on our mantle.
2. I'm loving the lanterns this year. I already have two from Pier 1 (they were a much better deal than the Pottery Barn one I was originally coveting) but the price was so good I had to snag this one too.
3. This throw and this pillow in dark blue.
4. I love a good basket!
5. A pretty plant pot with saucer and watering can.
6. Various kitchen gadgets, including but not limited to: cutting board, food chopper, decorative napkins, citrus zester, whisk, grocery bag holder, etc.

While I walked away with lots of goodies from IKEA, this trip only scratched the surface for me. I found several pieces of furniture and some artwork that I loved, but didn't buy because 1.) we were working with limited car space and 2.) I didn't want to buy anything major without getting Lee's opinion first. So IKEA, you haven't seen the last of me, not by a long shot. I will be back, with husband and truck in tow.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a bonus feature: the cousin photoshoot!

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  1. Ha - we loaded up on those baskets. Thanks again for picking up those few items!


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