Monday, April 27, 2009

Shower Time

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We've been super busy preparing for and hosting the big PAR-TAY. We hosted a His & Hers shower at our house on Saturday night for our dear friends, Chrissy and Mike. Getting  ready for the shower was a lot of work - mostly because I make things more complicated than they need to be and am super picky over everything - but I am a planner at heart and enjoyed pulling everything together.

I think the shower turned out so well - the weather couldn't have been better, we had a great turnout, Chrissy & Mike got some great gifts, and I think everyone had a good time.

First things first, the invitations:

Here's a shot of my dining room beforehand. This isn't nearly all of the supplies but I love how colorful this pic is:

I picked a color scheme of yellow, blue and lime green. We used lemons and limes as decor and I grew trays of wheatgrass from seed using these instructions from Design Mom (one of my new favorite blogs). I LOVE how the wheatgrass turned out. It grew this thick and tall from seed in just 10 days. What a cheap and easy centerpiece. I was also happy to put the glass cylinders and square votive holders from our wedding to good use again. 

We served beef and chicken kabobs. Although they were somewhat labor-intensive (marinating the meat, cutting up the veggies, and assembling the kabobs) they were beautifully colorful and yummy.

I'm sad I didn't get any shots of the drink table, food table or dessert table (my first attempt at Grandmama Harrison's pound cake was a success!), but at least I got the pics that I did in the midst of the madness. Here's a shot of people mingling:

Now, present time. Lee is jealous of Mike's drill:

Of course, Sugar wanted to help:

Overall, a great night!

A lot of the work we've been doing on our house (installing the patio, yardwork, porch, etc.) we were trying to get done in time for the shower. It was great motivation and we're so happy and relieved that those projects are done now and ready just in time for us to enjoy all summer long.

Lee and I spend a lot of time talking about what we don't have, what furniture we're missing, what we want, what we still have left to do on our house - but sharing our home this weekend really put things into perspective for me and made me thankful for what we have and what we've accomplished so far. Of course it will always be a bit of a work-in-progress and there will always be new projects to complete, but this weekend I couldn't have been more proud of our home, our yard and even our dog (and my husband too!)

This weekend was great and now we can't wait for the wedding! Love you Chrissy and Mike!


  1. I have a 3rd birthday and 1st birthday to plan this year. I am now giving that job to you! Only kidding! Next time we are up there, we will have to stop by. I know your house is beautiful.

  2. I think you missed your calling as planner, entertainer, coordinator, perfectionist .......
    Looks like you pulled off another great event -sorry I missed it.

  3. The shower turned out SO well! Everyone that we've talked to was just blown away at how nice everything was and how much fun it was! Thank you so much again for hosting (and all the stress/expense/planning that goes along with it)!

    Chrissy and Mike


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