Tuesday, April 17, 2012

20 Weeks

1. How far along? 20 weeks today. We're at the halfway point! I can't believe it!

2. How big is Baby Girl Wade? The size of a cantaloupe(!) The way she is measured now changes -- instead of measuring crown to rump (since babies are mostly curled up before 20 weeks they're therefore hard to measure otherwise), she'll be measured now from head to toe.

3. Movement: she's currently tap dancing around in there as I type. As someone who worried pretty much the entire first 16 weeks of this pregnancy, it's really reassuring to be able to feel her move all throughout the day. Just when I start to worry about her, she'll give me a little kick.

4. Wardrobe: I made big strides in the clothing department this week! I reached my breaking point and made a trip to Macy's and Motherhood, plus ordered a few things from Old Navy (they haven't come in yet). Then, we went to Kohl's this weekend where my sweet mama bought me several cute pieces. Plus, a friend from work is going to pass along some of her stuff to me, so hopefully some of that will work. I won't be hitting the runway anytime soon with my vast wardrobe, but at least I have enough key pieces to hopefully get me through the next month or so.

5. The name game: we think we have a solid frontrunner, and are trying it on for size -- referring to her as that, practicing calling to her using that name (even sternly sometimes!) and thinking through all the implications (initials, rhyming names, abbreviations, is it too popular?). We've decided that we'll keep the name to ourselves (with some input from family) until we're absolutely sure, but we will likely reveal it before she's born. After all, a proper southern girl is going to need some monogrammed pieces when she makes her debut!

6. Baby stuff: my mom, sister and I did some preliminary baby store browsing this weekend. I was encouraged to find some really nice furniture options for around the price range I had in mind. But when it comes to baby stuff, there are so many options! I ended up dreaming about car seats that night. I can't even imagine how I'll get to a point where I feel educated enough to register. So, if you have any advice on products or brands you loved, stuff you couldn't live without, stuff you didn't end up needing, I'm all ears!

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