Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Z is for Zen

Z is for Zen

Last one! And I have to say, I'm relieved. Taking a halfway decent picture every single day is NO JOKE. I started off strong and about halfway through I felt like I had lost all my steam and my photos were getting worse instead of better. Some days I definitely put in more effort than others, and it showed.

But I'm so glad I took on the challenge and glad I stuck it out. I definitely learned a few things and got lots of both encouraging and helpful feedback from the class. I knew at the end of it if I had at least gotten one shot that I loved then it would be a win, and I definitely think I did that. If you're curious, here are my favorites:

S is for Sugar
L is for Lucky Strike
C is for Cookies and Milk
T is for Torture
H is for Humiliation
R is for Rain
Q is for Quiet
And of course, B is for Baby

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