Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Thoughts at Week's End

  • Lee gave me Apple TV for Christmas. I didn't know that I wanted it, but we've been enjoying it so far. Paired with Netflix Streaming (can you believe we've never had Netflix before?), he's been watching obscure documentaries to his heart's content.
  • Downton Abbey was another motivation to sign up for Netflix. I've watched an episode a night from the first season every night this week and I'm hooked. I'm devastated now that I've run out and I have to watch Season 2 one episode a week along with everyone else.
  • Up next on Netflix? The Tudors. This could be dangerous.
  • I suck at keeping resolutions. But at least you got one post out of me this week!
  • Maybe the TV is the reason I can't get motivated to accomplish anything around the house lately? Or blog?
  • I need to read a book.
  • I smashed my Kindle over Christmas and had to pay "a small replacement fee of $65" to get it replaced. I need to get back to reading to justify that decision.
  • My excuse is that I'm waiting for the ebooks I have on hold through the library to become available. Seems like I've been "patron #3 out of 100+" forever.
  • My sister is coming to see me this weekend! We're going to shop and eat good food and watch Hannah Hardy Dawson's best friend (Miss North Carolina Hailey Best) in Miss America Saturday night. Go Hailey!
  • I hope you enjoy the long weekend! (I hope you get a long weekend.) See you here next week (if I can resist the powers of the television, that is.)

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