Sunday, September 19, 2010

Preparations are Underway

After months of waiting, our Australia trip is finally starting to get close. Here's a peek into what we've been doing to prepare, and what's still on the list:

1. Our passports are up-to-date (I had to update mine with my new last name) and our Australian visas have been processed.

2. We've been up in the gym, workin' on our fitness. We'll arrive in Australia around 65 lbs lighter than when we booked our trip back in February (and we're making one last push before the trip gets here).

3. We opened a Cash Points Global account, which is sort of like modern day traveller's checks. Instead of paper checks, it's in the form of a Visa debit card.

4. I check the exchange rate every day. Even though it won't make a huge difference in the long run, it's still fun to keep tabs.

5. We've been stocking up on clothes for our trip. While other people are gearing up for fall, we've been scouting out shorts, tank tops and swimsuits on clearance (Australia's seasons are opposite from the U.S., so it will be spring there, but where we're going will likely be HOT). Total tally of North Face items purchased is currently at 11. Not because we're North Face snobs, but because we've scored some good deals at REI and elsewhere.

Our lightweight Venture rainjackets and Padda water shoes
6. My OCD is in full force. We're talking a 3 page list of questions for our travel agent, a detailed packing spreadsheet, and I already know what movies are going to be played on our flight.

7. In an attempt to avoid plane cooties, I got my flu shot early this year. One of the many advantages of having pharamacist friends = flu shot house calls.

To Do:
1. Let our bank know we're travelling abroad, so they don't shut us down for fraudulent activity.

2. Keep practicing with my camera and new lens. (Just ordered a spare battery and memory cards.)

3. Do our "practice pack." Even though this is a long trip, we have to pack light, not only because of airline restrictions, but who wants to be schelpping a 100 lb suitcase all over Australia? We're going to pack up to make sure everything fits and is within the weight limit...and then unpack it all again.

4. Buy travel sized toiletries!

5. Line up a kind neighbor to collect our mail for us ;-)

I'll be back later in the week for some fun facts about Australia and our trip.

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