Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach Weekend

This weekend we took Chrissy and Mike (and their German Shepard Ali) to the beach with us.

The weekend consisted of:

1. Dinner in Kinston on the way down at The Baron & The Beef. Chrissy and Mike marveled at the awesome salad bar and the even more awesome 70's wood paneling.

2. Cruising around Beaufort on Saturday morning. It was Ali's first boat ride and only Chrissy's second.



3. Lee and Mike fishing.


4. Chilling on our own private Shell Island.


5. Lots of fetching from the doggies.


6. Ali eating a lot of sand.


7. Swimming in the rain off the dock at the house (a religious experience in itself).

8. Dinner at Clawson's, followed by drinks at Dock House, where Lee befriended a man named Bubba.

All in all, a pretty great weekend.

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