Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Outer Banks Trip - Intermission

{This story deserves its own post.}

I knew as we were driving up the Outer Banks on Friday that I wanted to stop in Rodanthe and see the Serendipity House that was used in the movie Nights in Rodanthe.

Although we didn't know exactly where it was, we finally found it. You can see it from the road and there were several cars pulled off on the side of the road.

I commanded Lee to pull over.

He did.

Right into a three-foot pile of the softest sand you've ever seen.

We got stuck.

Lee was not happy.

Of course I felt terrible, being that he didn't want to pull over to see the stupid house in the first place. Not to mention the fact that I made him suffer through the movie two months ago (so that we could see the house on our Outer Banks trip) and he hated every minute of it.

Anyway, we're stuck. And cars are whizzing by and Lee is digging and letting air pressure out of the tires and putting plywood behind the tires (we weren't the first to get stuck evidently, thus the plywood lying around). And of course all I'm thinking is 'this is going to be a good blog post I better take a picture.'

Oh, and did I mention that these are Lee's THREE DAY OLD, brand spankin' new, very expensive tires?? Oh yes ma'am.

The first kind soul who stopped to help us suggested letting air out of the tires. Been there, done that buddy. She's not budging.

Then an angel in a bright yellow pickup truck stops by. "I got a chain -- ya want me to pull ya?" Bing bang boom, the truck is unstuck.

We were only out there stranded for probably 10 minutes total. It could have been much worse.

Of course after we were unstuck I marched my happy ass over that dune to the house. We did NOT just go through all of that for me to not get my pictures. Oh no sir.

So. You better enjoy these:

The house is literally falling into the ocean (this was low tide). The owners are trying to fix it up to rent it out though -- I'd be very skeptical.

To be honest, it was a little disappointing. Seeing as in the movie it looked like this:

Warner Bros. added a wrap-around porch/deck, the steps leading into the ocean, and the blue shutters, then took it all away when the filming was over.

Anywho, Lee's still unhappy about the whole incident. "Now do you see why I need a truck with 4-wheel drive?!" He can't stand the fact that he got into a situation he couldn't get himself out of and we had to rely on someone else to help us. He said the last time a truck pissed him off and left him stranded, it was up for sale the next day.

"This thing's going on Craigslist on Monday."

"Oh no sir it's not. We just put new tires on that bad boy."

He's cooled his jets for now, but you can bet his next truck will have 4-wheel drive.

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  1. That is too funny! It looks like ya'll had a great trip!! I am taking my class on a field trip to the OBX in a few weeks!! It is always a lot of fun.


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