Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

We had an awesome Father's Day weekend.

It started with dinner with friends and their baby Friday night. I forgot to get a pic but did snap one of Ava and I in our coordinating outfits.

 photo 420ACEC4-33EC-4D36-97BA-976AFCF23710-7811-000002F0F740DDEA-1.jpg

It was a beautiful evening and when we got back from dinner we spent some time outside before putting Ava to bed. My dad found a fishing bobber for her and she was so enthralled with it.

As I said on social media, these are my two favorite dads in the world. And they both love my girl so very much:

 photo 032E0A05-2976-4E74-9796-9CF58AB97B80-7811-000002F1090D8574.jpg

And I just love this pic of Lee and Ava with her fishing bobber:

 photo 2C113A4D-3C1A-4306-B6AB-B3169A2B0255-7811-000002F10FFB71E6.jpg

 photo AD93DBC8-EEC6-4EF0-9EDC-C12CE08970CC-7811-000002F0FD7FA0B1-1.jpg

 photo 1989273D-5174-4CC4-BF53-6BD479E34B08-7811-000002F10264B3D6-1.jpg

On Saturday we hit up the new water park in Kinston. We were very impressed and Ava loved it!

Ava and beautiful Brevyn:

 photo DSC_0805.jpg

Ava and Easton checking things (and each other) out:

 photo DSC_0819.jpg

 photo DSC_0815.jpg

Brevyn giving Ava and Easton kisses:

 photo DSC_0828.jpg

Keiley enjoying the slides:

 photo DSC_0823.jpg

I hit up the zebra slide once and the lazy river -- and that was quite enough excitement for me.

 photo DSC_0848-1.jpg

 photo D94EC1D2-44D1-4994-82FA-138D6F57E090-7811-000002F11FDCC73E.jpg

After the water park we visited with Lee's mom and dad (Ava'a Granny and Pa) and Ava's great-grandma Pearlie:

 photo DSC_0856-1.jpg

We had dinner with family Saturday night and then Ava got to take a bath with Brevyn, which she loved.

What, your family doesn't crowd into the bathroom and sing songs and hymns together?

Happy Father's Day Lee! We hope you had a great weekend and we love you so so much.

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