Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our July 4th

We had a great July 4th weekend at the beach with Lee's family. Ava did great, even with so many new faces to see, being in a new place, sleeping in not-so-quiet quarters (and in the same room with us) and just generally having her schedule thrown off. She loved the sand, the beach water, swimming (sitting) in her little pool, and being the center of attention 24/7.

At the island, first time playing in the sand:

 photo FDA3E435-B4D3-4DD6-BD49-299C2A43A838-30384-00000C6A1B68DD36.jpg

First (of hopefully many) beach naps:

 photo 879A9E8F-1007-4232-9D62-4176C75E7D2C-30384-00000C6A42C95D5E.jpg

Swimming with da-da:

 photo 10E4A1BC-CF9A-48AF-A24C-1277854B2B6C-30384-00000C6A66505006.jpg

Snacking in her tent:

 photo 86476D8B-3BF1-4E3A-8614-F2B444C80503-30384-00000C6AAEC3972B.jpg

Celebrating America!:

 photo DSC_0944.jpg

 photo DSC_0952.jpg

Since Ava was up at the crack-o'-dawn every morning, we went for a daily walk to keep from waking up the whole house.

 photo EEFEA580-7851-4DFD-A19D-8EB0FB35209F-30384-00000C6AB9671DA5.jpg

Working on her crawling:

 photo 1C483BEB-5479-427F-9AE4-FFB72EB0569A-30384-00000C6AD4A4EF05.jpg

On our second day we took a break from the island and broke out the baby pool instead:

 photo 236494ED-1368-4126-997F-30E4CAD0FE65-30384-00000C6B044FD542.jpg

 photo 60A1B79F-0E29-4193-B407-FA8DF8E051AF-30384-00000C6B0A7524F7.jpg

Her cousin Brett loves his baby, and she loves him :)

 photo DDDA2E7C-8A37-4867-B422-EABC77CAFC56-30384-00000C6B114549E6.jpg

Day 3 on the island:

 photo 14B8D27A-2C38-4DD2-974A-C72A8441E83B-30384-00000C6B397CCE7A.jpg

 photo B9A700F2-B6D0-49EB-9391-084B1D11C081-30384-00000C6B3EEBC34A.jpg

 photo 94A40692-E314-4F48-BB9B-DB59EF8239B9-30384-00000C6B46DD17FB.jpg

 photo F7ACD084-8E4B-4BA0-9F7F-62A6C1BC9CB2-30384-00000C6B2F15A817.jpg

 photo 11830D3A-BC62-4741-854C-139AE7CBE2E2-30384-00000C6B252E211D.jpg

Naked watermelon eating (well, just Ava was naked):

 photo DSC_0974.jpg

One of my favorite parts of the beach -- before-dinner high tide swimming with all the neighbors:

 photo A63E88CD-5F05-444E-B21B-CF0FECD43A23-30384-00000C6B9D7F284F.jpg

First time "out" in ages. The Dock House had a great band, so we hit it up for some drinking and dancing. (And as you can tell, out way past my bedtime.)

 photo 00E13820-DF23-4050-AFDF-69481E4204D6-30384-00000C6B99326FB6.jpg

Last day:

 photo 33A616FD-5AA1-4734-ACD2-F47E23C29EDE-30384-00000C6BA2EB8E13.jpg

 photo AE68C6F7-4869-49A1-A159-1825C5B960E1-30384-00000C6BA70FDCA9.jpg

It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back!

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