Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ava: 9 Months

 photo 9Months.jpg

Eating: I nursed her morning and night right up until the nine month mark, when a stomach bug and cold really took its toll on me. I still nurse her occasionally in the morning but it's more for comfort. She's getting around 5 5-oz. bottles of formula per day. Plus three meals of solids and finger foods. This month we started stage 3 chunky purees and some chicken/turkey/pasta type dinners. We've tried hummus, cucumbers, diced pears and strawberries this month, and she liked them all. Girl loves her groceries. She's getting less and less interested in milk (I actually have to work to get her to finish a bottle, which is new for us). I think she's starting to slim down because of it, which the doctor said is totally normal at this age as they start moving more and are more distracted eaters.

Sleep: Doing good here. Still the occasional early morning wake-up, but mostly sleeping 7pm-6am. She doesn't nap well at daycare, which is frustrating. Too much going on, plus I've probably spoiled her by rocking her to sleep at home, which they don't have the luxury of doing at daycare. We can usually get two good 1.5 hr naps from her at home on the weekends, sometimes longer if she's not feeling well or is worn out from the pool or something.

Illness: This month was no bueno. She got a really bad (yeast) diaper rash, plus we were still dealing with some rash/eczema issues. Then she got a stomach bug (one evening of vomiting, followed by three days of diarrhea, which didn't help the diaper rash). Then on the heels of that was a nasty cold/virus that had her sounding like a purring kitty and barking seal all at once. Of course, that was just in time for our 9 month "well visit." I don't think we've ever been well for a well visit. Maybe one day. Thankfully, her cough is sounding a lot better and I think we've almost got the diaper rash kicked. Of course, I got the stomach bug and cough too, and they took a much worse toll on me than her (thankfully). I think we're finally on the other side now but it has been a ROUGH two weeks. So tired of being the house of sick!

Activity: She loves being out and about. Eating at restaurants, shopping, going to the pool or park. She gets bored and fussy if we stay at home too long (like her mama, much?). And I broke down and bought her some new toys at Target because we were SO OVER playing with the same old things. She likes stacking her stacking rings, shaking anything that will rattle, dumping things out, knocking things over and playing with her musical/talking toys.

Milestones: Here I am waiting for her to crawl, and she decides to pull up instead, which I had no idea she was close to. We have a storage ottoman/toy box in the living room and she decided she really needed to see what was in it. She's not pulling up regularly though because she can't crawl over to things to pull on, she has to happen to already be sitting in front of something to pull up on. And speaking of crawling, she's moving more, scooting more and will walk her hands out far enough reaching for something that she gets onto her belly, but then she gets mad because she hates being on her belly. I think she's getting closer to figuring out how to get up on all fours but still not there yet. But oh, the waving. She has learned to wave and is so proud of herself. Homegirl loves to wave. You walk into the room and she lights up and starts waving. So cute. And she's even started making "buh buh" sounds when waving bye to me at daycare in the mornings. And yes, I stand at the window for 10 minutes waving at her like an idiot.

She's really starting to get develop a little personality now and it's so much fun. Here are some pictures from her ninth month of life.

Mother's Day flowers, cards and crafts :)

 photo 4320B4B4-3E83-47F4-B237-17A5484A59E4-30343-00000BAE9B28C1A0.jpg

No margaritas for you!

 photo CCCCCE17-B8FA-433B-B81D-5DF01CADA029-30343-00000BAEB785F167.jpg

Always with the hands behind the head, even in the car seat:

 photo DEE579C5-5A81-4398-85D5-9D1D786C9B99-30343-00000BAEA900FF1C.jpg

A sweet daddy-daughter moment:

 photo C9819743-7E9A-4420-A90D-3D5D55E07179-30343-00000BAEC37CF1DB.jpg

Just out for a little picnic:

 photo 78842214-326C-49ED-8A48-752B945D752C-30343-00000BAECD416BD1.jpg

Ava's very first Aurora Fossil Festival:

 photo FF93FD5F-990B-46ED-9AAB-A09E59B31FC5-30343-00000BAED7FC21F8.jpg

River napping is good napping:

 photo 2FA9E88B-918F-4161-BE55-A367BAA02994-30343-00000BAEDF1F91E2.jpg

Loves swinging at the river:

 photo 30E9BB3B-56BA-4D1C-AFA7-F77E182EFCB9-30343-00000BAEF14455F0.jpg

A day of fun in the sun:

 photo B1F644BF-E095-413B-9402-BE35966A5361-30343-00000BAEFEA4094A.jpg

Sugar and Lee sharing a towel:

 photo FCBFEFD2-9481-4837-8A29-84C7F34C9AF1-30343-00000BAF1D304006.jpg

Watermelon at the river:

 photo A41F744B-8AEC-44E1-B6FB-524540A22379-30343-00000BAF11E33853.jpg

Sick baby snuggles:

 photo 00B0AECE-8BEE-4F11-BF13-50B30FFDE6E3-30343-00000BAF2504EB16.jpg

Happy girl:

 photo B0B08C56-80E5-40F4-925B-99B8B7A127F2-30343-00000BAF2DFF8296.jpg

Loooooves mama's glasses:

 photo F820FDF0-CE4B-431B-8BA1-7ADA47079724-32088-00000C47901D9C98.jpg

Got that hand propped up:

 photo AE413196-24EC-4E1F-81C7-093ED99EE682-30343-00000BAF473F095D.jpg

Her very first school picture:

 photo 4799AB6D-796A-40E4-875B-0F499DE6ED07-32088-00000C4FDC657F5A.jpg

Out to lunch in her watermelon outfit from Aunt Erin:

 photo 2005600A-5D3E-4F0E-A0BA-E984B2A02D22-30343-00000BAF4EEEBD65.jpg

First time at the pool!

 photo 03BB097D-445C-4029-9DC8-DAF234893237-30343-00000BAF5D3B06AE.jpg

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