Monday, January 10, 2011

Well Hello 2011

January is always a good time to take a moment and think about what you want out of the year.

Of course, I have my normal weight-loss and financial related resolutions. Will there EVER be a year when I don't have to resolve to lose weight? Maybe one day...

But that's not what this post is about. I wanted to share some of my more "fun" goals for the year. Will I beat myself up if I don't achieve them? No. Because they're not that serious. But they are a fun starting point for the year.


1. I decided to make this a goal after seeing Black Swan. Was it because I loved the movie so much? Not really (it was good but not life altering). Was it because I loved the movie-going experience so much? Again, not really (the theater was packed, and I went by myself). But I do enjoy going to the movies, and I'd rather watch one good movie a month in the theater (because usually if I'm going to the theater it's a movie I really want to see or have heard good things about) than 5 so-so movies at home.

Next up is Blue Valentine, or maybe No Strings Attached. And I'm counting down the days until April and Water for Elephants.

2. I bought a recycling bin, so that our recyclables will go in there instead of the trash. It makes me happy. And I bought some pretty reusable grocery bags. They make me even happier.

3. Of course 2010 will always be the year of Australia. 2011 won't hold any trips like that, but I'm hoping for several smaller ones. We've got a cruise already booked for the spring. Then maybe a beach trip in the summer and Mexico in the fall?! As long as we're sans-kids, I plan on vacationing as often as our money and PTO days will allow.

4. This is on my life list. And I need to do it before I get any older and more decrepit.

5. Not a smarty-pants class, but something fun. Like floral arranging, or photography, or Photoshop skillz. Maybe even cake decorating? Time and money are always an issue, but life's too short not to get really good at something that has nothing to do with furthering you in life or your career.

So, what are YOUR fun goals for 2011?

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