Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Rainbows

Last Monday:

This Monday:

I could get used to seeing a rainbow every Monday. Just makes the week a little better.

The first pic was taken last Monday, when Lee and I decided to walk to the library. It is 2.5 miles away. That's 5 miles roundtrip. We will not be walking to the library again anytime soon. Or ever, if Lee has anything to say about it.

I kind of enjoyed it, until I had to carry the books all the way home because Lee swore that the backpack I brought was too small for his shoulders. Not to mention he decided it would be fun to check out a 30 lb civil war book. NOT cool.

And while I'm pulling pics off my phone, feast your eyes on some adorable Lee/Brevyn action:

So glad I got to see her precious face yesterday.

Happy Monday!


  1. Soo cute! And, I love a rainbow, too!

  2. There was another rainbow again this past Monday! One of my patients' family members took a picture and was showing everyone. Tomorrow would be 4 weeks in a row-- I'm keeping my eyes open!


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