Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say Cheese

We welcomed this bad boy into our home this weekend:


We have a pretty nice Sony point-and-shoot camera that Lee gave me for Christmas two years ago, but I've been wanting to upgrade to a digital SLR for a while now.

With our Australia trip coming up in the fall, I wanted to get a new camera in time for the trip and with PLENTY of time beforehand to actually learn how to use the thing.

Lee wasn't too keen on the idea of a new camera, but I am pretty persuasive and there was a PowerPoint presentation involved. He went from being pretty much against it to more excited than me when it actually came time to buy it.

I've been doing my research and talking to lots of SLR-toting friends and coworkers and had it narrowed down to pretty much two choices -- the Canon T1i or the Nikon D5000. I wanted to compare them in person, so off we went to hhgregg. For various reasons, we decided on the Nikon.

Being the cheapskate savvy shopper that I am, I was fully prepared to pick out what I wanted in-store and then buy elsewhere online. But hhgregg's price was only about $25 dollars more than the cheapest price I had found online, and they offer a really good protection plan that I couldn't get online. They wouldn't match the online price, but they did meet me halfway and with the shipping I would have had to pay, it came out to be about even.

We went for the protection plan -- if the camera gets dropped, broken, eaten by a kangaroo, you bring it back in and they give you a new one -- that peace of mind is worth every penny of the $79 we paid for the plan.

We've only had her for two days, but one thing is certain -- I have a LOT to learn. I'm off now to start reading the 500 page owner's manual, wish me luck.

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