Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

1. I cleaned the house all day Saturday and almost all day Sunday. What made it bearable? Open windows and The Judds radio station on Pandora. We're talking Pam Tillis, Patty Loveless, Mary Chapin Carpenter, John Michael Montgomery and old school Reba.

2. Lee spent Saturday at a civil war reenactment near Goldsboro. He's been wanting to go to one for a while. When he got home, he prepared a slideshow of his pictures to show me, along with stories to go along with each one. It was so cute. I tried to convince him to write a guest post about the reenactment but he says it's "too much work." (This from the man who complains if I don't update the blog regularly.)


3. I got to spend my Saturday night babysitting this little ham:

He's our neighbor's son Levi, and all he did the whole night was smile and look cute. Totally adorable.

P.S. - I downloaded the TiltShift Generator photography app after reading about it on Dooce and am totally in love with it. If you have an iPhone, it's totally worth the $0.99. I'm now convinced that my phone takes better pictures than my humongo camera.

4. I started cleaning out my office/loft this weekend. I've decided that instead of doing a big reveal once it's done, I'm going to do some posts about small projects along the way. More on that later. But this weekend was finally time to part with a lot of the junk that has been cluttering up my space. I was ruthless (or tried to be) about throwing stuff out or boxing it up for yard sale. The biggest hurdle? The three boxes of wedding crap memorabilia that have been sitting in a corner for a year and a half. It's just so hard to trash all of the blood, sweat and tears that this stuff represents:


But I did it. (After saving a few as keepsakes of course.) Out with the old, in with the organized!

5. Sugar thinks she's a mechanic.


Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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