Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthdays are Fun

I had an awesome birthday weekend. It consisted of:

- Mimosas and muffins with my coworkers to start the day on Friday

- My boss telling me to take the afternoon off

- Being greeted with this at the door when I got home:

(a "Happy Birthday to Mommy" card, signed Luv Sugar)

- A beautiful bookcase for my office made by Lee

- Mexican and margaritas with Lee, Erin, Brittany and Heith on Friday night

- An amazing, delicious dinner with Lee at Angus Barn on Saturday night

- Followed by furniture shopping and shopping at Crabtree (he knows how to make me happy)

- A lazy yet productive Sunday

So, all in all, the perfect birthday weekend.

**A note about Angus Barn: This was our first trip to Angus Barn. Ever since I was a student at UNC I've been hearing people rave about Angus Barn. I used to live on Glenwood Ave and had to drive by Angus Barn EVERY day. TWICE. We kept saying we'd go for someone's birthday or some special occasion but we never did. So, Lee finally decided we would go for my birthday this year and let me tell did not disappoint. In fact, we were kind of hoping we wouldn't like it because it's not exactly in our budget. But unlike somewhere like Ruth Chris, you feel like you're getting your money's worth at Angus Barn. The food was absolutely delicious and we left with about 10 lbs of takeout (including an adorable little complimentary birthday poundcake). We are already scheming up the next occasion that warrants a trip to Angus Barn.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!
    Next year is our big 2-5 year. Scary.


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