Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye July, Hello August

July has come and (almost) gone. Remember my goals for July? Here's how I did:

1. Create and order a photobook of our honeymoon pics (similar to this one I created for our parents of our wedding photos) Done! Well, sort of. I've created the book, but haven't ordered it yet. I'm going to create another book and wait until they have a sale to order them. (There's usually a $50 minimum on their sales.) Because you know I'm all about a discount. Want to see the book? You can see it here. (If you need it, Book ID is S2581144 and Password is 2692601.)
2. Finish unpacking desk/office boxes and get desk set up (yes, we’ve been in our house almost a year and we still have unpacked boxes) AND back up my computer Done! Well, sort of again. I DID back up my computer - halle-loo! And I did unpack my desk boxes, but everything's sort of laying around in piles right now because I'm trying to find the perfect organization system (bookcase, magazine files, etc.) AND the funds to purchase said organizing system. Stay tuned for the finished product.
3. Move 3 of the books on my “To Read” shelf to the “Read” shelf in Good Reads So I only finished two books. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski and The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. My excuse is that Edgar Sawtelle was pretty long. Both of these books were just average, nothing to write home about. I plan on fully making up for this though on our relaxing vacation coming up.
4. Finish organizing our closet Done! (With no caveats!)
5. Replant my porch planters and patio planter to replace the dead pansies Not done. Not doing this. I've decided we have too much to water already. And it's time for stuff to die off anyway. I did at least clean out the porch planters and store them in the garage. And, well, let's just say Sugar helped clean out the patio planter:

So, that's it for July. And although it seems like only a semi-success, I really think posting my goals helped me keep myself accountable. I can guarantee you that without publicly writing out these goals, only about one of them would've gotten done (and halfway done at that). So without further adieu, here are my August goals:

1. Finish my office organization project.

2. Read five books this month (our vacay is the reason for the higher number).

3. Set a date for a yard sale (we need to have one desperately) and start getting things together for it.

4. Get started on an exercise regimen and cut portion sizes. This is for both me and Lee. We've decided that we love to eat too much to go on any kind of hard core diet. We love cooking yummy meals together, and aren't willing to give that up, but we can do better about portion sizes. And we'd rather work out harder than stop eating the things we love. Soooo, we're thinking about trying P90X. Several people at work are doing it. Has anyone else tried it? Have you had success, or is it just a gimmick?

Ok, that's all for now. Happy August!


  1. Ok, suggestion. For your goal of five books, one HAS to be Time Traveler's Wife. Aaaamazing. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation - call me one night when you've got some time and let's catch up :)

  2. Sara, I've already got Time Traveler's Wife checked out! Yes, I'll call you one night next week :-)


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