Friday, September 26, 2014

Nursery Update: Gallery Wall

When I shared Ava's nursery with you before she was born (over TWO years ago now!) I had a list of things I still wanted to do to finish the room. Most of them never happened (although I did get a small table lamp to go on the bookcase, which we use every night), but I did eventually get around to creating a gallery wall in the blank space above the dresser.

I framed Ava's birth announcement, a silhouette we had hand-cut of her at the state fair last year, and a picture from her one year photoshoot. The pink Ava print in the middle is a custom personalized print that Etsy seller RawArtLetterpress sent me as a thank you for sending so much business her way via the Don't Worry print I used in the nursery over the crib. She even researched that the name Ava means "little bird" and used those in the design. So sweet and thoughtful!

The second half of the gallery contains decorations and the invitation from Ava's first birthday party, which just happened to use the same pink as her room, as well as the shirt she wore that day.

I used white frames from Target in a variety of sizes, as well as one silver frame from the dollar store. 

This was a pretty easy project and I love the way it turned out. And Ava likes it too -- she likes to stand on her changing table and look at the pictures of herself. It's hard to believe that pretty soon I'll be turning this room into a big girl room! (I'm in denial about this fact and putting it off as long as possible.)

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