Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer rut

When you're stuck in a rut, sometimes taking the first step to get out of the rut is the hardest part. So instead of breaking out of my no-blogging rut with a long, picture-laden post, I'm going to jump in with something simple. I don't know what it's officially called, but I call it the -ing post where you talk about the things you're up to recently. So here goes.

Watching: Orange is the New Black and my summer staple Big Brother. I broke down and got Netflix just so I could see what all the fuss was about over OITNB and now I totally get it. I'm halfway into Season 2 and totally hooked.

Reading: Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me. If you're a Chelsea fan, you'll enjoy it. Somewhat disjointed at times, but had me laughing out loud nonetheless.

Traveling: to the beach and river all summer. We've gotten lots of trips in this year and it's been awesome.

Planning: Ava's 2nd birthday party! How did that happen? I know that most people don't go all out for year 2 like year 1, but I just can't help myself. You know I love a party.

Loving: the following words that Ava says: simming (swimming), tumunger (cucumber), baby soup (bathing suit), jommies (pajamas), and "oh goodness!"

Listening: to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" on repeat. This could also be under the Dancing category.

Writing: a ton of blog posts in my head. But I can't ever seem to sit down and get them posted. So to help me break out of my rut, tell me which post you'd most like to see live and in the flesh (well, on the Internet), and I promise I'll write about whichever one wins.

What blog post would you most like to see?

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