Friday, May 2, 2014

Ava: 18 Months

 photo 18Months.jpg

Pictures are almost impossible these days. She's always doing some crazy cute thing and by the time I get my camera or phone out she's on to the next thing. And she won't look at or smile for the camera but as soon as I put it down she yells "cheese!" and gives a big smile.

We're already having a lot of boundary testing (climbing on things, throwing food on the floor) and a few tantrums (particularly when she has to come in from outside), but other than that Ava is doing great. 

Eating: Still a good eater for the most part. Drinks from an open cup at daycare and a sippy cup at home. Doing really well with using her spoon and fork. 

Sleeping: 7:30 or 8pm until 7 or 7:30am. Down to one nap a day after lunch, usually an hour and a half or two hours if we're lucky. She still sleeps with a paci (except for naps at daycare) and I'm trying to get my nerve up to take them away!

Talking: Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding. She's not the type that usually babbles all day long, but is more selective about what she says. She has a huge repertoire of animal sounds, knows most of her body parts, and will even contribute a few numbers when you're counting (her favorites are two, six and nine). My favorite? Saying "peas" when she wants something and rubbing her belly (the sign for please). She's not quite stringing words together yet, other than things like "no no Sugar" and repeating phrases (yesterday I said "want me to open that play-doh?" and she said "open dat play-doh!"). She calls Lee Daddy now instead of Dada and says Sugar instead of dog dog (which sounds more like Shu-jer).

Activity: She loves loves loves being outside. From the time she wakes up in the morning until the time she goes to bed at night, she's bringing you her shoes or your shoes and asking "ah-side?" Her favorites are her tricycle, her slide/sandbox toy, helping daddy dig in the garden and of course bubbles. When we're inside, she's playing with her babies, her toy microwave or organizing something. She's really good at following simple directions, like "pick this up and go put it in the trash" or "go find your shoes and socks and bring them to me."

I started this post weeks ago and now am terribly late with it (she'll be 20 months in just 5 days!), so I'll stop there for now and just show you some cute pictures from 15 months to 18 months (Dec-Mar).

Trip to Chuck E. Cheese:

 photo 9E330A3E-90DF-4B6F-BA8F-753C1B1CDD20.jpg

Playing piano with Pa:

 photo 3E26863D-83D1-49AD-897D-038EFFFD9F60.jpg

Ava and her buddy Allyn:

 photo E2B59774-7B4D-4244-9EB3-EAE2DAFA3354.jpg


 photo 5B8146E3-B9A0-4ABB-B367-BE87FCE6729E.jpg

I think she might have been scared of Levi's driving?:

 photo 33A2539D-50B2-4D47-B3BB-D914D9A700E5_1.jpg


 photo 5653DDA8-7BF1-46F5-BB74-B4A41F36897B_1.jpg

 photo A326DCF2-052D-4EE7-BEDD-FCF6965C499A.jpg

 photo DSC_0990.jpg

 photo DSC_0020_edited-2.jpg

Craft time during a snow day:

 photo BDC9F82A-D762-4C6B-9102-1D52AE4A2814.jpg

Blocks all in a row:

 photo 72A6148E-7923-4676-8D5E-7F4394165785_1.jpg

 photo 15B1F07E-3124-4407-9BDC-272893091FB6_1.jpg

 photo 85734ECE-2157-4B34-9C0C-9FEDA03D6562_1.jpg

Visiting Aunt Erin at school:

 photo 6B2BA37E-DFB9-49D5-87DC-ECF134225D95.jpg

We now have a Bass Pro Shops and the fish tank is a favorite:

 photo 39AA1F7C-B66A-4723-ABDF-158A7A901F16.jpg

Fun at the park:

 photo 0025EA26-5147-4D76-90B2-65D8E0554B45.jpg

Some book time:

 photo DEF24910-1F1F-4A9F-B882-714A4035C9A8.jpg

Porch fishing:

 photo 1EBFDB5C-ED3B-40C5-B9C9-A71E038E0184.jpg

A visit from Allyn:

 photo DSC_0078_edited-3.jpg

 photo DSC_0124-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0126_edited-1.jpg

And trip to Marbles Kids' Museum:

 photo DSC_0178-2.jpg

Getting to be a big girl!

 photo 439A5475-630C-48CF-91D0-E3B10BB11600.jpg

Chatting with Pa:

 photo 6ED5CEF6-0C71-45D6-8F88-CE4ADD4C8C82.jpg

Ready to cheer on the Heels:

 photo F0FE9968-B80C-4691-A488-A00EB51935E5.jpg

A daffodil from Granny's yard:

 photo DCABC614-3F9D-44B5-BCE0-B17C9DD12FCE.jpg

And ride in the golf cart:

 photo 8B3C7642-52C4-459C-BFFF-AC1B7425CC21.jpg

Trying hard!

 photo 284257D9-B68D-485D-84B4-06136D4AEF3F.jpg

First pigtails:

 photo D1BBF45C-7B45-4EE3-A458-6EAEFFB8F94F.jpg

Reading with Daddy:

 photo A3D21BAF-E0DF-4F7D-BE13-0FE0AAED79C3.jpg

Park and gardening with neighbor friends:

 photo B8D43D86-7551-41B3-B9CD-E747637860FF.jpg

 photo 9AE26F8E-7F3B-4929-A529-7E1C6A6448E0.jpg

Bass Pro again, where she learned to say "deer!":

 photo 03CFA178-1B85-4F32-B9A6-E840F3DB7526.jpg

 photo 39734508-91EB-453C-8BDC-FA80EA9A2533.jpg

Putting on makeup with Aunt Erin:

 photo 57ABB841-09A6-4D89-87C2-86E007907D6F.jpg

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