Friday, November 9, 2012

Ava: 2 Months


It's already been two whole months since I gave birth to this munchkin. Can you believe it?

At her two month checkup yesterday our big girl was 80th percentile for weight and 70th for height. She also had to get 5 immunizations :( She was a champ though, crying for just a few minutes and then passing out in her car seat for 2 and a half hours!

Clothing: this 2 month old is already outgrowing her 3 month clothing. Carter's 3 mo is officially too small and she's moved up to 6 mo. In other brands, she mostly in the 3-6 mo size. Still wearing a size 1 diaper, but we'll be moving up any day now (hoping I can use up all of the size 1's I have left before she's officially too big for them).

Eating: great (see above). While she's a breastfeeding champ though, we did have a panic moment earlier in the month when we tried to give her a bottle a few times and she WAS NOT having it. Cue the panicked mama thinking she's going to starve once she has to go to day care. We gave it a break for a week or so though and I've since been able to get her to take a few bottles successfully. We still have work to do, but I'm much less stressed about it now.

Sleep - Nighttime: it still takes several tries to get her down for good, and her bedtime is much later than I'd like. She usually goes down for good somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30. But once she's down, she usually gives me a 6 hour stretch (we've had a few 7 hour nights and even an 8 hour night!), followed by a 3 hour stretch and then catnaps in the early morning (usually on my chest) until she's up for the day. She's still sleeping in the bassinet in our room for now.

Sleep - Naps: still no real schedule with her naps. And they usually only last 30 minutes or so, so I'd like to get to the point where she's taking fewer, longer naps instead of lots of short catnaps. When we're home though, she's napping in her crib, so hopefully that will make the transition to her crib at night easier once we're ready for that. When we're out and about, she takes lots of car and stroller catnaps.

Activity: walks around the neighborhood when the weather cooperates (we listen to TSwift's new CD), time on the play mat or in the Mamaroo, and she also loves just laying on the floor on a blanket and kicking her feet and moving her arms (Lee calls it "dancing"). We're still going to our breastfeeding support group on Mondays and now also a "play group" on Wednesdays put on by one of the moms in the group. Plus lots of errands, trips to Target, etc.

Crying: her crying seemed to peak around 6 or 7 weeks. This was also around the time she started taking the pacifier (PTL!). The past couple of weeks seem to have brought us a much happier baby. She still has her occasional bouts of fussiness (usually when she's overtired) but there's so much smiling and cooing now. It's just adorable. I could eat this kid up.

Milestones: again, lots of smiling and "talking." There's nothing like making your kid break out into a huge grin when she sees you. Nothing. And again, lots of kicking and moving her arms. Just in the past few days, she seem to have "found her hands" and seems to have made the association that she can use her arms to swat at the toys on her play mat and she's actually the one making them move. It's so awesome to watch her figure it out. She's always had really good head control, and it's getting better and better (even though she's not a fan of tummy time).


I have less than three weeks of maternity leave left, so I'll be trying to soak up every moment between now and then. At her next monthly check-in, she'll be in day care, I'll be back at work, we'll be getting ready for her first Christmas(!), and I'm sure she'll have a plethora of new tricks. And we'll continue to fall deeper in love every day.

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