Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Christmas

First up, our Christmas card. We went with Minted again and once again they did not disappoint. 

 photo ChristmasCardProof.png

We started off the season with our neighborhood's "Breakfast with Santa." Ava was all about the breakfast, but not so much about Santa.

 photo 16D1640D-DEBB-4E01-91EE-3F5DE474D77D.jpg

 photo DSC_0775.jpg

 photo DSC_0779.jpg

Ava loved the Christmas lights and Christmas tree, and even though we put the tree in jail she still loved to pet the bottom ornaments.

 photo 8106FA35-BE6E-45FB-BB34-BBD3D681EEF6.jpg

And occasionally she'd make off with one.

 photo 3AF1A565-C06B-4250-824C-7F0E4AB39FB8.jpg

Checking out Christmas lights in the 'hood:

 photo EE54FD0B-D3C0-4D81-95AD-7BA395B7F65B.jpg

Loved spending the afternoon with these girls:

 photo 324F3037-B694-4E95-B919-CEB810AAAA61.jpg

Since we were spending Christmas in La Grange, Santa paid a visit to our house early. Ava woke up to all of this loot:

 photo D58A1C74-98FA-4AFD-AA3B-CC5D596DC2E6.jpg

 photo 5A51F68E-AACA-40C1-B9AA-867783EF0B7E.jpg

 photo 6DA075CB-351A-47EB-9BB9-4F42B87E1C88.jpg

 photo 11776B37-CB35-4EB1-9331-32CBFFA6C274.jpg

First thing she did? Jump in the cozy coupe. 

 photo 8413F14A-52BB-4F7A-A107-1A6BCDC587FC.jpg

 photo B8369677-A631-45AA-B7EE-0E2BF7B6A03A.jpg

Then it was time to hit up the slide.

 photo E3CD47DC-2387-4DC7-8789-F6C1D6972510.jpg

 photo 5D69234A-2C26-4543-8997-FB00E8D233AB.jpg

Decided she needed her new kicks on.

 photo 318247BD-FD30-458A-BD70-25A347FDC1D5.jpg

 photo E3489E1E-FC98-4D6C-A9B1-85C502C2B272.jpg

And of course "Christmas" morning isn't complete without sausage balls.

 photo 9A53843F-F322-4F19-AAB6-599193EE6278.jpg

She quickly decided that her favorite way to go down the slide is head first. Pray for me.

 photo 039BD8C9-E45A-4781-907E-74FF74977439_1.jpg

We loaded up and headed east, where we spent lots of time with family, ate lots of good food, and opened way too many presents.

 photo 4C71E98C-FECD-4911-A2A8-0A03EFA2BCAF.jpg

 photo 15728461-8020-492E-97D0-01D96020F79D.jpg

 photo C17468BA-1DC3-45BD-B1FE-95189CA09195.jpg

 photo DSC_0867.jpg

 photo DSC_0886-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0893.jpg

 photo DSC_0895.jpg

 photo 8937D46A-5AAD-451C-9B54-2E52B5697097.jpg

 photo DSC_0929.jpg

 photo DSC_0932.jpg

 photo 52D64610-0649-4A7D-910D-EABC93F989FC.jpg

 photo DSC_0937.jpg

 photo 8FA1BE7E-AE5D-42C2-A2B3-5F4105973495.jpg

 photo DSC_0952-1.jpg

 photo 6E9F46D0-5E1F-434E-A85C-358892FDAEF8.jpg

 photo 3A2DACA5-7DDD-41FE-955B-F7596990EC83.jpg

 photo 4D569E51-19EB-446E-AD71-215243EB9318.jpg

 photo 54F78D04-B769-4913-A21B-D6EB9F8F86A2.jpg

And finally, all decked out for New Year's:

 photo F78CB6A8-0193-4C85-BD11-6F330798C1CA.jpg

We had an awesome Christmas and I'm so thankful we were all relatively healthy this year. We continue to be so blessed in so many ways, and in constant awe of how this little one is growing and changing every day!

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