Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ava: 5 Months


Ava is 5 months old! (Well, she was last Thursday.) No official check-up this month, but from my best guess this little chunker is weighing in right at 18 lbs. No clue on length.

Clothing: A mixture of 6m, 9m and 6-12m. And we moved up to size 3 diapers this month.

Eating: I upped two of her daycare bottles, so now she's taking two 5-oz. bottles and a 4-oz. bottle, plus nursing in the morning, evening and usually once overnight. And, we started solids this month! We started out with rice cereal mixed with breastmilk and she did ok, although we're still getting the hang of it (I have to be careful to make sure she's not tired, too full or too hungry or it doesn't go so well). We made a batch of homemade sweet potatoes this weekend and she seemed to like those. She's just getting one meal a day at this point (in the evening) and it's hard to say exactly how much she's actually eating, but probably only a tablespoon or two.

Sleep: Still working on it, but it's gotten much better. We started sleep training at 4.5 months and while it was ROUGH at first, we saw results really quickly. She was pretty consistently sleeping 7p - 6:30a with one dream feed around 9:30 and an overnight feed at 1:30. I think a little bit of a cold has thrown her off though, because the past week or so hasn't been as consistent, with some 3 or 4am wake-ups thrown in there. Naps are still all over the place. An hour here, 30 minutes there, with no real predictable pattern.

Illness: She's had an occasional stuffy/runny nose here and there, but thankfully nothing else to report! (Spoiler alert: we've already started out month 6 not being so lucky.)

Activity: She's still liking her jumperoo, playmat, and good ol' laying on the floor with toys. She found her feet this month and loves playing with them. Grabbing her feet has allowed her to start rolling over onto her side, but she hasn't rolled completely from back to belly yet. (I think homegirl is just not a fan of rolling in general and may just skip that phase.) Still doesn't like tummy time, but is doing really well at it and will tolerate it for pretty long spans of time (especially when she's being entertained by mommy dancing, being silly or blow-drying her hair). We also put her in her high chair a lot with some toys on her tray so she can watch us make dinner or clean the kitchen. We've started using the big stroller for walks now and I think she likes facing out and being able to see everything. She's not a big talker/babbler at this point. She'll give us some oohs and ahhs, but not too many consonant sounds yet. And she went through a phase where all she wanted to do was growl. It was cute and somewhat disturbing at the same time!

Milestones: Just in the past week, she's started being able to sit up. Not for long and of course she needs close supervision, but she's getting pretty good at the "tripod" position. And I swear she's waved a couple of times. Could be total coincidence, but when I walk into the room and she raises her little hand, I have to assume she's waving at me, right?! She's also started reaching up and touching my face, while I'm nursing, rocking or holding her. That little hand on my cheek is the sweetest. thing. ever.

She really is a sweet baby -- happy, smiley, and content. Daycare always comments on how good of a baby she is.

And now, some pics and videos from month 5.

Baby laugh montage! (Please try to tune out my weird 'heh heh' sounds. That's the only way I can get her to laugh for the camera.)

First forays into solids. This happy/unsure/unhappy rotation is generally how it goes:

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Tummy time:

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Play time in the high chair. She hates when I put these wrist rattles on her, but I love watching her figure out how to get them off!

In the big stroller:

 photo D0F078A7-C294-444E-8574-71F90781E610-10188-0000087337DCACBE.jpg

Sitting like a big girl:

 photo FAD81423-35B1-45EA-82A5-48FA6C71D8E5-10188-000008732A889526.jpg

 photo DSC_0197.jpg

Love this lump of sugar!

 photo DSC_0126_edited.jpg

 photo DSC_0122.jpg

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