Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ava: 3 Months


This kid. Really? I simply cannot get enough of her.

There's no scheduled checkup for 3 months, so we had to take her weight ourselves. We used to put her in a huge metal bowl and weigh her on our digital kitchen scale (yes, it is as hilarious looking as it sounds), but last night when we put her on there we got an error message. She's officially too big! So we did the hop-on-the-scale-with-and-without-the-baby trick. So she's approximately 14.6 lbs.

Clothing: still in Carter's 6 month and mostly 3-6 months in other brands. She's been in Size 2 diapers for a while now.

Eating: still exclusively breastfed, although she gets about half of that via bottle now at daycare during the week. I send 4 4-oz bottles and she usually only drinks 3 of them (and then I send the leftover bottle again the next day). I feed her once in the morning, twice before bed and usually only once during the night, for about 7 feedings total.

Sleep - Nighttime: daycare has made such a big difference in bedtime. She was going down around 9 and then waking several times before she was finally out around 10 or 10:30. Now, she's getting sleepy and fussy by 6 or 6:30, we do bath and nurse and she's down by 7 or 7:30, usually for good. She usually wakes up once around 3 or 4 (although occasionally she'll wake up at 1:00 and then again at 4:00) and then we're up for the day at 7:00. Still in the bassinet in our room, although now that she's at the 3 month mark I think I'm officially ready to try transitioning her to her crib!

Sleep - Naps: still catnapping. Mostly 30 or 45 minutes. At home, she naps in her crib, although daycare is still trying to work on getting her to nap in her crib there. She'll fall asleep in the swing, and as soon as they move her to the crib she wakes up. Although she did take two longer crib naps at daycare yesterday so maybe there's hope!

Activity: at daycare, I think she spends her awake time rotating between the swing, bouncy seats, play mat and tummy time. At home, she's usually either on her play mat, laying on a blanket on the floor, or she's sitting up in our laps looking around. She absolutely despises tummy time, and it's causing me lots of stress. She'll hold her head up for about 5 seconds and then bury her face in the blanket (because she knows I will immediately pick her up to rescue her from suffocating). I'm starting to worry she'll never roll over or crawl. Although, our pediatrician warned me at her 3-month appointment that because she's so "healthy" (aka chunky) it will likely take her a bit longer to roll over, sit up, crawl, etc. and not to worry (me, not worry? yeah right). I've started to try out some different tummy time tactics though, like walking around while holding her "airplane style" on her tummy, putting her on the exercise ball on her tummy, or propping her up with the boppy or a towel under her chest. It seems to be helping some, so we'll keep working at it. And now that she's 3 months (and has always had good neck control) I'm eager to try her out in the Bumbo seat and then jumperoo or exersaucer (which she's getting for Christmas).

Milestones: no major milestones this month, but every day I seem to notice some small new thing that she's started doing. Like trying to pull her head forward when she's reclined, grabbing the washcloth and putting it in her mouth while she's taking a bath, folding her hands together, rubbing her eyes when she's tired, grasping a toy in her hand, and wanting to "stand up" when you're holding her.

Happy 3 months baby girl! We can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas :)


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