Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ideal Weekend

We headed east this weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday. Here's what made it perfect:

1. A moonlight golf cart ride around the farm, chasing birds and looking for critters.
2. Sunny and 60s.
3. Surprising my sis with a custom golf cart stereo installation. And then putting it to good use.


4. Just Dance on the Wii. Followed by Super Mario Brothers.
5. Lunch, shopping and gossip with mother and daughters.
6. Booking our beach house for summer vacation.
7. Quality time with Baby Brevyn, who has a new trick every time a I see her. This time it was pointing and the word "da" -- for everything from dog to dada to whatever she's pointing at.
8. Grilling out and bonfire time with friends. (Funfetti cupcakes were involved.)
9. Sunday lunch with my family, followed by Sunday dinner with Lee's.
10. A Sunday afternoon filled with NASCAR, naps and golf cart rides.
11. A trip down to the creek, and seeing this dog as happy as she could ever be.



12. And racing her with the golf cart.


13. And those ears flopping.


13. Lots of quality time with my Kindle and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the way there and back.
12. And finally, a day off today, thanks to our Presidents. I spent it mostly doing boring errands, but it sure was nice to have a day to catch up on life.

Hope your weekend was as good as ours!

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